The kickstarter is now LIVE

Hello everyone!

It is with great pride that we announce that our Kickstarter for Helvetii is now LIVE !


We have been working on the project for quite a while (about 2 years now since its original prototype). We are very proud of how far we’ve come. While there is still a lot to do, we also want to use this campaign as proof of our commitment and love for the game and the Swiss game dev scene, and want to keep making it better.

We want to thank everyone who helps to share, spread the love and contribute to the Kickstarter ! We’ve been working on it for a while, and we hope that you’ll like it :)

Feel free to also try out the demo, and if you want, you can jump by the Dangen Discord and leave a comment/talk with the devs!

We are very excited to share more news and TONS of art during this coming month. So give the Kickstarter a follow to be fed plenty of goodies !