The steam page is up !

Hello everyone !

A small, but important update today !

Our Steam page is now up and running !

Thanks to everyone’s patience, we can finally link our fancy new page. As you know, wishlisting will also help us a lot in the future to get more visibility, so please help us by wishlisting the game and tell your friends about it !

Our page will also soon be updated in French, Japanese and German, soon after BitSummit ! Thank you for your patience !

Dangen BitSummit Stream

On May 30th, our publisher Dangen held a small celebratory stream for all their games, and Helvetii was shown on it, with a cameo by yours truely !

You can check the timestamp’d VOD by clicking here ! We also encourage to watch all the other games as they’re quite fantastic !

Anyway, I’m going back to prepare for BitSummit, but i’m glad to share this important piece of news with you all ! See you next time ! またね ~