BitSummit 2019, let's go !

Hello everyone!

Summer is slowly getting there, so let’s have a special update to announce that next week, we shall be at BitSummit 2019!

For the occasion, we also want to update on the state of the game the past few months. We also want to talk a bit about DANGEN, who have been now our publisher for the past few months and wish to introduce them to you all ! Lastly, we’ll have a few words for what’s next.

But first, let’s start with what’s coming immediately next week!

Bob bringing the goods to Kyoto

Bob bringing the goods to Kyoto

BitSummit 2019, here we come!

It’s with intense giddiness that we shall be flying next week to Kyoto for the 7th BitSummit (1-2nd of June), Japan,’s biggest indie game festival. We’re looking forward to show a brand new version of our early Helvetii demo, with tons of adjustments to combat, lots and LOTS of polish and our brand new summons!

For the occasion, you can check out our brand new trailer!

If you are attending, you will be able to find us at the DANGEN booth, right by the entrance! This is probably the most exciting we’ve attended for Helvetii yet, and we’re really looking forward to meet everyone in Kyoto and also indulge generously in Katsudon for the time being.

And speaking of the DANGEN booth

DANGEN Entertainment: Who dat?

We’ve now been with DANGEN for the past few months, as they are now the official publisher for our game. The experience has been nothing but positive, but we realise we never truly talked about it and people might be interested to know more about them and what it entails for Helvetii. So let’s do that!

We have met with the goods peeps at DANGEN for the first time back in 2017. However, it was only last year at TGS that we truly started our talks about collaborating. Those talks finally solidified earlier this year, as we now work closely with them to get the game out in an even better fashion.

As their site points out, DANGEN is largely composed of industry veterans (ex Capcom and Playism people, for instance) and this experience actually helps a lot with the stuff we’re honestly not very good at: Marketing, Localisation, Outreach, and generally not hecking up that generally fall outside of pure development because we sometimes are bumbling clowns. It is also thanks to DANGEN that we can now attend cons way more easily than before, so expect us to show up more often to a con near you!

Lastly, it helps that they also have a really solid category of games that they have either published or localised in Japan, and we’re very proud to share the spot with them.

If you also want to talk about some of these games or Helvetii itself, you can join the DANGEN Discord at anytime by clicking this link: 

The ~*FuUtUurE *~

With development going at a steady pace, we can now take a bit of time to talk about the game and what’s coming up next.

Feature wise, we can say we are now pretty much done completely with our vertical slice of combat, and pretty darn happy with the result. This is pretty much the accumulation of one year of work (since Isa has joined the team and has done a banging job of making the game what it is today), and we’re pretty proud of where we are now.

With all that said, this means we can now finally focus most of our efforts on pure new content. Meaning new levels, monsters, bosses, and the long awaited extra characters. The plan is to have level 2 and a good chunk of associated content done by the end of summer, and then same thing for level 3 by the end of the year. So expect to finally see something else than the same forest you’ve been seeing for the past year and a half finally! We are also looking at fleshing out more of the story presentation and how the characters are portrayed, something that hasn’t really been touched on so far.

As for anything related to current content, there are still bosses for level 1 that need to be done, and one of them might actually start to appear very soon.

We also will have a very, very important thing coming up in July that we hope you will enjoy and help us with !

For cons, we will probably stay closer to home after BitSummit (both to save cost and on carbon imprint). We are looking of course to participate in more Swiss cons, such as Zürich Game Show this fall.

That’s pretty much it for this update. In parting, we wish to remind you that you can follow us on twitter at @HelvetiiGame, subscribe to our channel on youtube or even subscribe to our newsletter so you won’t miss any big news and want to support us! This helps us greatly into getting more visibility.

We will a few more important announcements coming in the next few weeks, so stay tuned, and thank you as always for following us!