TGS 2018 and future updates

Hello everyone !

It has been a while since I have updated the website. Although I am aware that most of the community follows us on Twitter anyway, I thought it would be nice to clean this up with a few announcements.

The first and most obvious one:

We are going back to Tokyo Game Show !

Bob, our shopkeeper, will be happy to greet you

Bob, our shopkeeper, will be happy to greet you

We will return to Tokyo this year once more with a much more advanced build, from the 20th to the 24th of September. 

Some of you might have seen the progress on the game as of late on twitter and youtube. We are super excited this time around to bring something that is in a much more polished state. This also marks somewhat of an important milestone for the team. 

Helvetii has seen a lot of trials and tribulations in a year when it comes to its development, and I can only be thankful about the place where we are at today. With this new showing, this also means we are now ready to show builds at other cons (hopefully in the US, Europe and around the world). Tokyo is somewhat of a symbolic place as it is where the game had its first ever public showing too, and the game is inspired a lot by Japanese developers.

In any case, we will be happy to meet the players there as well as all our Swiss colleagues who will also be showing their game as part of the SwissGames TGS delegation !


I understand that the biggest "miss" was the lack of dev blogs so far and I truly apologise. The game being in the state it was in, it required most of the team's full attention before we could start doing "extracurricular" activities, so to speak. 

Now that development has steadied, there will be more time to create such videos. However this shall have to wait after the Japan trip, for obvious reasons. 

The first one will be the long promised "Gameplay tweaks" videos. In a sense, the delays will benefit this video greatly, as the changes we've implemented in the game will help that much more in understanding how much can change at this phase of development. Not only did we get an entirely remade combat system, but a bunch of content was added as well. 

After that will also be a "Lore/history" blog with footage I've actually shot way back in March of this year. 

After that, we will probably have polls on what interests the playerbase, while continuously doing small video blogs. The ideal rhythm would be to have one about every 2 months to be reasonable. 

Future plans

Lastly, a short bit on what we're planning for the immediate future

We have been incredibly busy to get the build ready for TGS. Once that is done, we will be laying low for a bit and developing quietly in our corner (expect a little bit less updates on twitter for the time being too). But you can expect us to pop up at Ludicious 2019 for instance to showcase the game in Zürich. As for any other conventions, we shall make sure to announce them here and on twitter !

Thank you for reading this far if you have and for following us ! We are very excited to bring more content your way, and move on to darker, murkier levels...