Convention dates

I'm happy to announce that the game will be showing up at two conventions in the comings months! Here are the infos !

Numerik Games | August 25th - 27th | Yverdon, Switzerland

Helvetii's first official appearance will be at the end of the month in its home country ! If you live nearby, feel free to drop by to test the first early build of the game ! Also a whooole bunch of other indie swiss games, bigger profile titles and loads of animation.

All courtesy of this beautiful fuck-o right here

David J., pro David Cage games speedrunner (allegedly)

David J., pro David Cage games speedrunner (allegedly)

Tokyo Game Show | September 21st - 24th | Tokyo, Japan

Also super happy to say I'll be at TGS for the whole duration of the con showing off Helvetii (the showing should be in the indie arena, hall 9-11)! This will be its first major international appearance, and in Japan of all place, so I'm very excited! I shall also be among a plethora of other Swiss game devs so do come and say hello !

In addition

I shall also be present at Pax West from September 1st - 4th for my other project Splash Blast PanicDo come and say hi ! I will probably have my laptop with me so you might even get a sneak peak !