Helvetii Update: TGS, future cons and more !

Hello everyone !  Hoot here ! And freshly backfrom Japan !

After months of work and lot's of anguish, we managed to show Helvetii for the very first time at the Tokyo Game Show, where we were greeted warmly by japanese gamers and devs from around the world. We managed to scoop an enormous amount of feedback and are working now on improving some of the core aspects of the game, and getting ready for our next public showing ! And lastly, I got a little surprise for you audiophiles out there !

Tokyo Game Show 2017

The game being showcased for the very first time ! ( °w°) ;

The game being showcased for the very first time ! ( °w°) ;

TGS was a great success for us as it was, in a sense, a trial by fire for the very first playable public build of Helvetii. Thankfully, a lot of the feedback was very positive and we are confident in a lot of our choices ! Of course there was a lot of feedback too and things that we've caught during the long playtesting sessions that we will be working on in the coming months ! 

TGS also reinforces our goal for a good Japanese localization, since the reception from Japanese gamers was so motivating. In short, expect us to do more appearances in Japanese cons in the future ! 

Our biggest feedback was about the combat flow, how it feels and how every attack chains into each other and we are working hard on improving it already for upcoming conventions, before moving forward with more raw content !  

There will be a more technical blog post down the line once all the new combats tweaks have been put in. I will let you for now on the current work I've been doing towards the combat animations, which is only a part of the work for the improvement of combat

An example: The old combo animation

An example: The old combo animation

Versus a look at the new combo animations

Versus a look at the new combo animations


October 20|22 2017

With TGS out of the way, it's with pleasure to announce we'll also be showing the build, with some improvements, at the Zürich Game Show this October at the Zürich Messe ! Please do come and check us out ! We will also have Splash Blast Panic alongside for some 4-player mayhem ! And a whole bunch of talented swiss game devs from our local scene. 

After that, we will be focusing on work and preparations before the Ludicious Fest in January next year

Helvetii's title theme

As for a little surprise, and to also introduce the new official youtube channel for the game, I am pleased to showcase for the first time Helvetii's main theme, composed by the very talented Dale North and with vocals from the incredible Emi Evans ! A huge thank you to Scarlet Moon Productions who is working with us on the game !

Thanks a lot too to everyone who came to see us at TGS and who are keeping in touch with the progress of the game ! Expect also a new dev blog shortly after the Zürich Game Show !