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Team kwakwa is a small swiss-based independant studio established back in 2015 by Kevin Péclet and Elias Farhan.

The team strives to bring to stand true to the old “swiss made” label of quality, and wants to keep high standards for its games as well as bring its love for fun, arcade-like games with fresh creative takes. It has previously released the party multiplayer brawler game Splash Blast Panic, and is now working on both helvetii and Soup raiders.

The team for Helvetii is comprised currently of Kevin Péclet as lead artist and designer, as well as Isabelle Roesch for programming. It also is proud to collaborate with composer Dale North and singer Emi Evans for the music through Scarlet Moon Productions, and Dangen Entertainment for publishing, localization and porting.

About HElvetii

"Helvetii" is a character action game whose concept and development started back in August 2016. It revolves around the exploration and reimagining of the Gaulish and Helvetian mythos, mixed with fast and varied combat mechanics.

Take control of various characters, like a fierce young warchief, a naïve but dextrous fox-turned-man or a cunning druid wielding primordial forces, and use their unique and varied combat skill to fight your way through hordes of creatures and put an end to the rot that has taken over the land as well as their hearts. 

Wield the many powers bestowed upon you from primal deities that weild otherworldy powers to legendary items that shall change your playstyle for everyone run,. fight the creeping fiends who will test your resolve and rise to an ever increasing challenge. 

Helvetii is stated to release in 2020 and is planned for PC and Nintendo Switch